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Radiation Protection Supervision plans for 2013 are announced

Following the order set in Regulation on State Radiation Protection Supervision, approved by the Order of the Minister of Health No. V-960 in November 10th, 2011, Radiation Protection Centre (RSC) has approved State Radiation Protection Supervision plan for 2013 year and made the list of planned inspections of licensed entities, conducting activities with ionising radiation sources, for the first quarter.
Georgian specialists' scientific visit at Radiation Protection Centre

Since 2012 December 3rd till 14th two radiation protection specialists from Georgian Nuclear and Radiation Safety Department – Grigol Basilia and Khatia Jikuridze – had scientific visit in RPC.
People are asking: is it true that the biggest exposure we get from the operating nuclear power plants?

In Lithuania Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) is the largest object, which releases small quantities of radioactive substances in the environment. The Ministry of Health, together with other institutions, coordinates releases of radioactive substances into the environment plans and environmental monitoring programs, which are provided by Ignalina NPP’s. Also, they constantly analyze the Ignalina NPP’s radiological monitoring results and assess whether the emission of radioactive substances are not hazardous to the health.
Project’s financing and administration agreement was signed

On 21st November 2012 Radiation Protection Centre’s (RPC) Director Albinas Mastauskas and The European Social Fund Agency’s Director Povilas Česonis signed the project’s “Radiation Protection Centre’s Internal Administration and Management Improvements” (project’s code No VP1-4.2-VRM-03-V-01-105) financing and administration agreement.
Smoke detectors were found in Vilnius region

Radiation Protection Centre (RPC) informs, that on 19th November 2012 the company Ltd. “EMP Recycling“, which collects household appliances scrap, has received notice about discovered objects marked with ionizing radiation sign.
In the border checkpoint of Netherlands goods that spread increased radiation background were suspended

Radiation Protection Centre has received an information, that on the 25th October in the border checkpoint of Netherlands container with goods from India, which spread 0.7 microSv/h dose rate, was suspended.
Antiques can be hazardous to our health

Radiation Protection Centre (RSC) aiming to protect members of the public and the environment from harmful effects of ionizing radiation performs dose rate measurements in the marketplaces and collects information about antiques containing radioactive materials.

Students of Vilnius University visited Radiation Protection Centre

During October Radiation Protection Centre (RPC) was visited by Vilnius university Medical faculty public health and nursing students.
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