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Training exercise “Institutional action planning in the case when radioactive source and contaminated territory in the Border control point Medininkai are identified”

On 15th June at the Border control point Medininkai Radiation Protection Centre (RPC) organized field training exercise “Institutional action planning in the case when radioactive source and contaminated territory in the Border control point Medininkai are identified”. For the field training exercise objective was set to assess Vilnius County Civil Security and Rescue system capabilities and other State and municipalities’ institutions preparedness and action plan in the case of radiological accident with accordance to World Health Organization (WHO) International Health Regulations II Appendix regarding information for decision making. In the future, following the mentioned above document, assessment will be made and decision taken to inform WHO about health emergency situations of radiological nature.
The award

Director of Radiation protection centre (RPC) Albinas Mastauskas was awarded for merit in public safety in Lithuania on 22 January 2010. The award was presented by the Lieutenant Colonel Vigandas Kurkulis on behalf of Fire and Rescue Department under the Ministry of Interior. Apart from this the letter of commendation for merits in public safety, self-denial work and qualified assistance in organizing a radiological emergency exercises "Cesium" held in November 2008 in Birstonas was awarded to the head of division of radiological investigations of RPC, Rima Ladygiene.
Training for Fire-fighters in Utena

Radiation Protection Centre (RPC) is going to organize a workshop on radiological emergency preparedness and response for Fire-fighters of Utena County Fire Rescue Board on 3 December 2009.
During the workshop RPC specialists will share their experience and knowledge on biological effect of ionizing radiation, main requirements for the organization of individual protection and dosimetry of accident liquidators, sampling techniques and also will organize practical exercises with dosimetric equipment.
Workshop on medical exposure in X-ray diagnostic

The one-day workshop for diagnostic radiology specialists will take place in Radiation Protection Centre (RPC) on 8 December 2009. RPC organizes this workshop under the auspices of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) with the intention to introduce the results of implemented in Lithuania national IAEA technical co-operation project LIT 9008 „Optimization of Radiation Protection of Patients in Diagnostic Radiology through the Monitoring of Patient Doses” and to discuss medical exposure problems and new aspects of ensuring radiation protection of patient.
Training course to share experience

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) is partnering with Lithuania’s Ministry of Health, Radiation Protection Center to bring training and equipment to Lithuania to secure radiological materials.
European Commission formulated the recommendations for estimating population doses from medical X–Ray procedures

The need to know the distribution of patient doses from medical procedures in the European Union is especially urgent today, when the newer high–dose techniques are quickly developing and are becoming widely available to the patients.
Radiation protection centre organizes seminar in Utena

Radiation protection centre organizes seminar for civil safety, fire and rescue specialists, ecologists and other personnel responsible for radiological emergency prevention of Utena County
The new order on the offering data to the State register of ionising radiation sources and occupational exposure has been approved

Radiation protection centre would like to inform that the new order on offering the data about ionising radiation sources and workers dealing with ionising radiation sources to the State register of ionising radiation sources and occupational exposure has been approved.
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