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Representative from Georgia visits Radiation Protection Centre

On August 29 – October 8 representative from Georgia Mr. Nukri Meleksishvili, who is working in president service, is visiting Radiation Protection Centre. During the traineeship, which is financed by the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mr. Meleksishvili will deepen his knowledge in radiation safety and will get acquainted with the functions of institutions that regulate radiation safety, with the infrastructure valid in Lithuania and safeguarding radiation safety, with radiological research and measurement opportunities, their application in separate cases, research methods and equipment.
UK expert visits Radiation Protection Centre

On 18-22 August UK expert, medical physicist Andrew J. Frith is visiting Radiation Protection Centre due to Ignalina Programme project finansed by European Commission “Support to Activities of the Radiation Protection Centre Related with Radiation Protection in Decommissioning of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant”.
New information about Radiological Protection of Patients

Supposing you run in to the galley “Useful information” of Radiation Protection Centre website you could find links to the newest reports about Radiological Protection of Patients, placed in the International Atomic Energy Agency website. In that website you will find such intresting publications as new training material on on Radiation Protection in PET/CT, information about training for doctors using fluoroscopy and testing interventional cardiologists for early signs of cataract, latest literature, news and other relevant information.
It is issued the Radiation protection centre newsletter № 2 “Radiation Protection”

We are pleased to announce that The Second Radiation Protection Centre newsletter “Radiation Protection” is already issued. In this publication you can find out latest radiation protection news, interesting and useful information about investigations of concentrations of indoor radon carried out by Radiation Protection Centre (RSC) specialists. Also you can read about cosmic radiation, internal exposure, natural exposure evaluation, human composite impact of radon and smoking. The second issue of RSC newsletter, same as the first, is distributing by RSC. You can get an electronic version of this one here. More...
Workshop on education and training of radiation protection professionals

Director of Radiation Protection Centre appointed as a member of Radiation Safety Standards Committee of International Atomic Energy Agency

Cooperation agreement signed between Radiation Protection Centre and Fire Prevention and Rescue Department under the Ministry of the Interior Fire Fighters Rescuers Training school

Implementation of the project related with a possible impact of Ignalina NPP on humans and environment during NPP operation and decommissioning
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