Quality management system

In order to ensure the quality of its activities, in 2009 Radiation Protection Centre (RSC) has implemented a quality management system that meets the requirements of EN ISO 9001 and covers all areas of the RSC's activities:

  • Management of State Registry of Sources of Ionising Radiation and Occupational Exposure;
  • Authorization of Activities with the Sources of Ionizing Radiation;
  • State Radiation Protection Supervision;
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response;
  • Public, Occupational and Environmental Exposure Monitoring and Expertise;
  • Radiation Protection Education and Training.

One of the most important means for improving quality management system is the annual internal and external audits. Audits help to ensure that the requirements are met, identify strengths and weaknesses, and promote continuous improvement of employees and processes.


Results of the external and internal audits confirmed that the quality management system of RPC operates successfully and is a daily working tool - the staff performs everyday tasks according to the procedures and work instructions.

Implemented quality management system improves operational efficiency, quality of public services and contributes to the formation of positive public attitude towards the activities of state institutions.

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