Responsibilites of the Radiation Protection Centre
  1. investigation of influence of ionizing radiation on human health, making proposals on their removal and control of it, taking steps for protection of health of Lithuanian population,
  2. creation of principles and criteria of radiation protection and registration and security of sources of ionizing radiation, preparation of the order and recommendations for implementation of these principles and criteria,
  3. preparation of drafts of legal acts in the field of radiation protection,
  4. licensing of practices with sources of ionizing radiation, temporal suspension, suspension and renewal of licenses according to the established order,
  5. supervision and control of compliance with requirements of the Radiation Protection Law, other legal documents and licenses, enforcement,
  6. preparation and performing of programs of supervision and control of radiation protection and estimation of influence of ionizing radiation on human health,
  7. preparation, within the limits of competence, reviews of radiation protection and proposals relating with radiation protection for the executive bodies of public administration, control institutions of all levels and municipalities and provision of information to the public,
  8. analysis and estimation of radiation protection in objects, which use sources of ionizing radiation, organization and performing, within the limits of competence, of investigations of radiological accidents, prognosis of their consequences and making proposals on their prevention and mitigation,
  9. organization and performing of monitoring of individual exposures of members of public, workers and separate groups under the normal conditions and in the event of radiological accidents,
  10. control of emergency preparedness of administration and staff of enterprises, institutions,
  11. state hygienic expertise of radiation protection and approval of design of objects, where the practice with sources of ionizing radiation is planned,
  12. keeping of the State Register of Sources of Ionising Radiation and Exposure of the Workers,
  13. organization and performing of dosimetric, radiometric and spectrometric investigations of exposure of members of public and radiation workers, living, working and social environment and its hygienic expertise,
  14. organization and performing of monitoring of radioactive contamination of air, foodstuff and raw materials, goods and other items, which may cause exposure of humans,
  15. organization and performing of state control and supervision of patients’ exposure during radiological examinations and radiation therapy,
  16. control of compliance with radiation protection requirements of sources of ionizing radiation, radiation protection equipment and other devices and materials which may cause additional exposure to humans, including commodities,
  17. organization of training courses, seminars, workshops in the field of radiation protection and laboratory work and control for workers of concerned institutions and enterprises, examinations in the field of radiation protection,
  18. organization and performing of teaching of workers in the field of radiation protection,
  19. other functions stipulated in other laws and legal acts.
Quotation of Article 7 of the Law on Radiation Protection of the republic of Lithuania and of the Statute of the Radiation Protection Centre, approved by the order of minister of health “On transposition of functions of radiation protection state control and supervision” No.172 of April 19, 1999

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